About us

Nuage (pronounced: nu-a-j' ) means Cloud in French.

Clouds evoke the carefree days of childhood spent lying in the grass gazing at the sky. Imagination. Simplicity. Freedom. We are a small business based in the suburbs of Paris, France. Born out of a love for design, illustration, animals, nature and of course children. Founded by me, Jade Rae (nice to meet you, thanks for taking the time to read this!) I am an Australian designer/maker who has lived in France since 2010.

We aim to dress kids comfortably and stylishly without harming our earth.
We believe in quality over quantity and strive to make the highest quality garments from premium organic cotton so they last as long as possible.
We refuse to exploit the people involved in the production of our products.
We support small businesses- especially the mother-run ones!
We love all you mamas.